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Staff Augmentation & Outsourcing

Your Team, your way!
Staff Augmentation is a very powerful strategy used by organizations to staff temporary team members without the red tape of going through the recruitment timeline. 

This will work for you if you are:

  1. Planning to ramp up existing projects to take it to the finish line. 

  2. Need individuals with specialized skills which are missing in the house.

  3. You want to try before you buy.

  4. You don't have a need for a permanent resource.

At iDigitality we can help you staff your entire Digital Marketing team

  • Managed by you - Remote, or Your premises,

  • Managed by us

We can create a custom plan for finding the right resources for your organization or can assign our resources to be working on your projects. 

We have innovative solutions where we also help you create a talent pool by setting up a training plan in place for you.

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