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From making salads to making “The Green”

Circa 2015

It smells fresh and the aroma draws everyone to the kitchen. There’s a bowl of salad with Thousand Island dressing. Just as the family looks to devour, Susan lifts the bowl from the kitchen platform and places it on the dining table. She adds some salt and pepper and nods her head in approval. Her husband and kids dig in and smack their lips in delight. Her cooking skills are unparalleled.


There’s the same bowl of salad with similar ingredients. It’s prepared and ready for consumption. The camera zooms out and the recipe pops up. Susan has started her cookery channel online and has millions of followers worldwide. She is a leading home chef in her locality and has already authored two cookbooks. Besides winning hearts, she is making money by leveraging her talent. It’s the same recipe, just a different approach.

Women have the skill to build a whole business empire by operating from just their household. It’s the idea that matters and with their ability to multitask, they prove to be better at business than men. According to a survey by fundera, the US has 12.3 million women-owned businesses as of 2020. They generate revenue of $1.8 trillion a year.

For housewives, technology is a blessing in disguise. It helps them explore unchartered territories and gives them much-needed freedom from their confinement. This has given rise to many women-owned online marketing companies over the past few years. No wonder there are 114% more women entrepreneurs today than there were two decades ago.

A symbol of perseverance and determination; these are the qualities that make them stand apart. Women are often not paid on par with men. We have seen this across various fields, be it the corporate world, entertainment industry, digital marketing agencies, or even sports. The difference has been minimized but not eliminated. This is the reason why many women prefer to be their boss. This is backed up by the fact that between 2018 and 2019, women started 1817 businesses a day on an average. Here, they get paid for what they do and overcome all gender disparities.

Lady Boss

Women are not just good but brilliant at what they do. A recent survey revealed that women-founded companies in First Round Capital’s portfolio outperformed companies founded by men by 63%. There’s no dearth of talent and of late, they are getting the platform to show off their flair for business. The digital platform has been a boon for women and with the growth in the e-commerce industry, many have started their own online marketing companies.

Respect for human values, personal touch, money management skills, negotiation power, and honesty make women successful entrepreneurs. Like Susan, a woman can make money out of nothing. She still makes her salads, but with her own money and own identity. It’s a honeycomb-like situation in the business world where the queen bee has started taking control.

Behold - It’s the Queen making the Green.

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