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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing - Hype or Benefit?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

AI or artificial intelligence has been a favorite catchphrase for the last few years. Naturally, digital marketing also felt the need to explore the scope of AI applications and make the most of it. It sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? But then we tend to forget that we are not talking about popular science fiction like the Terminator franchise or an Asimov novel. AI is still a concept at a nascent stage and there is so much yet to learn and understand.

Let’s then see how much benefit this innovation delivers in online marketing services or if it a hype.

It’s an intelligent marketing strategy

You may have heard this saying. But what you are wondering is what good does it do for your business. So, let's check out the applicable ways that a digital marketing agency can use AI solutions nowadays. According to research, Google and Facebook respectively control almost 40% and 20% of the digital advertising space in the US today. So, there is a huge scope of using machine learning in optimizing PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns to maximize returns.

Any online marketing company can tell you that personalizing a website leads to better customer experience and is the key to greater CRO (conversion rate optimization). But did you know AI-powered personalization can improve brand perception and result in more lead generation? And a study in digital marketing tells us that improved customer experience increases conversion rates by over 60%.

For a long time, content creation has been one of the key aspects of digital marketing services. Indeed, AI cannot yet replace manual content creation. No AI tool is creative enough to write an e-book or detailed enough to produce a research report. But AI automation can be used to create social media content, dynamic email content and personalized messages for engaging your audience.

The use of chat-bots, a popular trend these days, is taking online customer service interactions to new heights of excellence. As a result, there is a huge database of customer inputs about their likes, interests, and inclinations. This opens new avenues for the application of AI in online marketing. Now, AI-powered chat-bots and agents can curate personalized content, be proactive in customer engagement, and enhance user experience.

Digital marketing services use customer inputs to arrive at insights into customer habits. But it’s a huge task sifting through billions of data points, isn’t it? AI algorithms can come to your rescue. Their programming can easily go through every data point and offer smart marketing insights into individual behavior patterns.

Is it overrated? Hardly.

In a recent study on over-hyped marketing buzzwords, AI took the pole position. It is easy to conclude from this that there are serious limitations of using AI in digital marketing. But let’s not be hasty in judging and dismissing it. We have already seen the ways AI is in use in marketing today.

There are indeed some challenges to AI applications in smart marketing analytics. For example, the abundance of outdated data and lack of knowledge and resources in implementing a smart AI policy. But there is hardly any justification in calling it overrated.

A few years back an article was published in LinkedIn titled “15 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing” which generated much interest. In it, the writer described in length how AI can be related to the marketing funnel. Without going into any details here, even the title of the article indicates the enormous opportunities of using AI in marketing, doesn’t it?

It is thus wise to keep an open mind. AI in marketing isn’t a mere hype and can be an incredible advantage to your business. And when it comes to choosing an accomplished online marketing company to provide innovative marketing solutions, iDigitality stands out. Why don’t you check out what they are offering? With proven expertise in ways of empowering you, they may just be the game-changer you need to take your business to the next level.

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