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The Real Reason Internet Was Created!

The world is locked down and it feels like Thanos did snap but this time it was a virus filled snap.

The Coronavirus has seemingly bought life to a standstill. Not only has it struck public health and threatens to break down businesses, companies, and economies but in spite of all this, it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. In such times there is a need to save the global economy and industries from slipping into recessions as it happened during the 1918 Spanish Flu. In the age of digital interface, companies carrying out an online business with complete efficiency offer a silver lining. From healthcare to banking, journalism to sales a new work culture is about to be set. There can be no better time to further this intelligent use of digital connectivity in our work cultures. These times finally make us realize the real reason why the internet was created. It was meant to be a medium to connect the world not just stream or share media.


The Coronavirus crisis has actually raised an important question that how business operations can’t always be relied upon the physical presence of employees, and how human to human contact is becoming increasingly unsustainable. There is thus, a need for reformation. We need to move fast from physical to digital while carrying out operations efficiently and not lagging behind in any domain. Right now the internet is the only way to connect with your customers, clients, colleagues, employees, and investors. For businesses, there is a wider scope for better sales promotion and marketing options with a much greater reach.

With less direct human to human interaction, the digital way of doing business has thus an automatic firewall against such crises. There would be less need for a total overhaul of your business operations in such uncertain times like COVID-19. Big giants like Microsoft and Twitter are now encouraging employees to work from home for this very reason. It saves costs, tends to be safer and surely more convenient. Another great advantage of online businesses is their greater sales pitch which allows wider marketing options and more reach as well as advertising of your products and services.


We all know that most innovations are the result of crises and our ability to constantly deal with problems has fuelled the evolution of mankind. The digital connectivity and online marketing of your products will have no better time than the current one. People, companies, and governments are now encouraging digital framework rather than physical. Apple has announced to close all its stores except in China and stick to online sales. Google and other tech companies are functioning remotely and encouraging work from home

The year 2020 could thus, mark the start of a new culture in business and industry. From online lectures to telehealth, from internet sales to digital marketing; the high potential of online businesses should persuade companies to shift from the business as physical to business as digital. We are thus standing at the cusp of history where technology will unite us. This will help to reduce the health crisis as well as the economic catastrophe that awaits all of us otherwise.

These innovations also allow automatic cost cuts by eliminating the need for physical office operations such as office space occupancy and marketing efforts. Going digital may thus prove a magic wand in the arm for our businesses and economies. This would probably change forever how the world works or it may even mark the commencement of the 4th industrial revolution where technology and digital connectivity unites us and helps to boom our businesses.

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