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Our inbox gets flooded with promotional emails daily. However, we tend to open only a selected few. What is it that draws us to these emails? They are either eye-catching, informative, or satisfy our requirements. A user opening an email newsletter is the first successful step of a marketing campaign. Follow these simple tips to enhance your digital advertising strategy through email marketing.

1. Title

First impressions matter in every phase of life. It’s the same with web marketing as well. The subject line of an email newsletter can make or break your campaign. It should instantly capture the user’s attention and drive him to open the email. Keep it short, attractive, and relevant.

2. Caps Locked

Using all caps is a big no-no! Your content or headings should never scream. Firstly, it will turn off the users at once. Secondly, it increases the chances of your mail landing in the spam folder. Keep it subtle but crisp. 3. Web Worthy

Writing pages and pages of content are irrelevant for the web format. Do not make it convoluted. The write-up should be precise. One large chunk of information is often uninteresting and difficult to read. In email marketing, copies must comprise shorter paragraphs. Use as many sub-headings as required. Bullet points are most welcome.

4. On Target

Don’t beat around the bush. Give the consumers what they are looking for. Understanding your target audience is key. For every email you send, there should be a well-defined objective. Have one clear idea per email. Add a personal touch to your copy. The reader will instantly connect with your idea. Do not randomly send out emails. Only those who have subscribed or shown interest in your brand must receive your emails. Spamming never succeeds.

5. Pic Sync

While using pictures or videos, ensure it’s relevant and goes with the text. There should be sync between the two. Inserting random photographs can mislead users. Use high-quality images but do not forget to compress them. Larger the file, the more the issue while sending it. Never forget to provide alt text for the pictures, in case it does not load on the user’s email.

6. Well-Arranged

Formatting is crucial for an email newsletter. Align the text properly and use the appropriate font size and style. Your opening line sells. Craft it carefully. Design creatively but don’t go overboard. Your message must stand out. The layout must not overpower your content. Think out of the box. Presenting the same newsletter differently always grabs eyeballs.

7. Engage & Reward

The main aim of an email newsletter is to keep the user engaged and take them to the next level. You must capture their attention and they should willingly come back for more. Keep them guessing at the end of an email. This will tap into their curiosity factor and they will look forward to your next mail. Provide customer-specific offers, it works on a majority.

Lastly, go for a test run, promote action, and provide your contact details. Follow these tips and successfully convert clicks to sales. Become viable, sustainable, and profitable through email marketing.

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