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Dare to be different

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

–Theodore Levitt, American-German economist

We all have a set pattern when it comes to festivities. There’s a certain routine we follow. This is evident in our digital marketing strategies as well. Consumers easily predict what we have in store for them. A monotonous routine! Done and dusted.

Thanks to the pandemic, our brains have rested and rusted enough. It’s time to start thinking outside the box. Make your marketing campaigns more engaging and keep them personal. As the viruses continue to spread fear, let’s spread some hope and positivity. Here’s a list of five things to try out this holiday season.

1. #ThankYouDoc Campaigns Customize campaigns and start trending them on social media. From thank you messages to interesting anecdotes, ask users to share their experiences. Whether it is #ThankYouDoc or #CopeAndHope, make sure it strikes a chord. Come up with unique campaigns that are relevant. Consumers should willingly become a part of it. It keeps the holiday spirits alive while increasing your brand awareness simultaneously. 2. Jingle All The Way

Wake up Mozarts! It’s time to bring out the musicians in you. There’s no celebration without music. As the holiday season takes over, we instinctively start humming familiar tunes. Old records get dusted and gramophones bring them to life. You can ask customers to create their own jingles. It must capture the essence of the holidays during the pandemic. It’s time to jingle and mingle!

3. Secret Santa Surprise! We all love to hear this magic word from our loved ones. Holidays mean an overdose of gifts. It’s that time of the year when you wrap and unwrap relentlessly without feeling an ounce of exertion. Start a ‘Secret Santa’ campaign. Customers can send gifts to their loved ones by keeping their identity unknown. There’s a twist to the tale. If they correctly guess the sender’s name, they get an additional gift.

4. Giveaway Contests Certain traditions never go out of context. Giveaway contests fall in this category. It is a marketing gimmick that easily captures the attention of the audience. Hold fun contests and give away goodies for lucky winners. Users never get bored with such fun challenges. They actively participate and look forward to it year after year. 5. Make a wish Some fought it, some ignored it. Some feared it, while others laughed at it. Whether you acknowledge it or not, the coronavirus dominated the last twelve months of our lives. So what next? We have tried it all. Why not make a wish? Ask your customers to write 'Dear Santa' notes and make a wish. It can be funny, innovative ways to beat the pandemic. Creative juices will overflow. You can see a variety of wishes – thought-provoking, witty, serious, and optimistic. Make those notes public and award the most fascinating ones.

It’s never late to innovate and to create, make sure it’s relevant and up to date.

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