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Define your Marketing Geography

Temperature and temperament define temptation. A person’s buying desires and requirements depend on their topography and personality. It differs from region to region and from person to person. Therefore, geographic segmentation plays a key role in marketing.

Clearly defining your marketing geography helps you to serve the target audience better. You can offer tailor-made solutions to your customers. This segmentation takes place in various ways. Broadly, you can divide it into three categories - local, national, and global. Your marketing policies and campaigns will vary according to your geographic segmentation. Here are a few reasons why this dissection is crucial.

Ø Cultural preferences

Social and religious norms are region-specific. Whether it’s international or intra-national, it’s important to respect local sentiments. Having specific marketing geography works wonders. You can devise different strategies for different regions. For example, Burger King has different menus across the world. They infuse local flavors for better results. In India, vegetarian options are abundant. In South Korea, the menu revolves around chicken and shrimp. In Vietnam, you get rice with every meal while in Morocco, they serve alcoholic drinks as well. What works in one place might turn out to be a disaster in another.

Ø Climatic variations

The weather conditions play a crucial role in deciding what the consumer wants. Their requirements are seasonal and you should market accordingly. For instance, the sale of woolens is highest during winters. Beachwear sells like hotcakes near coastal areas. Cotton clothes top the buyer’s list during summers. Investing in winter wear in tropical areas is a complete waste of time and effort. So think of the climatic condition of a place before pitching your product.

Ø Purchasing power

Money is the driving factor in every business. Your pricing depends on the commodity and the locality. There’s a third factor that you need to keep in mind – purchasing power. Generally speaking, products are expensive in urban areas when compared to rural sections. It is a popular belief that city users have a higher buying power. By segmenting your audience, you can place and price your product in the most effective manner.

Ø Population parameters

An individual’s need changes depending on the place they live in. For instance, a person living in a city might prefer lightweight bikes to dodge past the traffic. A resident from a hilly terrain would opt for a mountain bike. Tractors are a hit in rural areas whereas surfing boards get the preference in coastal areas.

By defining one’s marketing geography, you will have a better market understanding. It saves time, cost, and energy. You can focus on specified targets rather than generalized ones. Businesses that are looking to expand can effectively market their products and services. It gives you an upper hand while exploring unchartered territories. You can avoid unnecessary expenses and will know what works best for your audience. A little homework will save you loads of dollars.

Divide your market, add a local connect, subtract unwanted costs, and multiply your profits.

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