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DIY Trivia Nights should now be a thing.

Did you know that the nose and the ear are the only two organs that never stop growing or that no number (when spelled out) before 1000 contains the letter ‘A’ or that Russell Crowe recommended Hugh Jackman for the role of Wolverine? The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown a major spanner in the works for trivia buffs who love their timely trivia nights down at the local pub or sometimes even at home. But thanks to the miracle of technology, these trivia nights can now be taken to the virtual world.

A regular trivia night would ideally involve a host(s) asking questions off question cards or via a presentation to players, either in teams or individually. The players would be given a time limit within which to answer the questions to win points. Additional incentives are sometimes offered, usually when hosted at a pub.

However, now that social distancing has become the new normal, video communication platforms like Zoom and Google Meet (among a few) can be used to organize trivia nights among a group of friends or family. Using the screen sharing option on these platforms, hosts can easily organize fun nights for friends or family.

Let's talk about themes!

A lot of the time, people opt to use a theme for their event while some others keep the theme more neutral with a mix of questions across categories. One could use themes like pop culture referencing music, TV shows and movies, sports, fantasy, Disney movies, geography (local and global), political, travel, etc. One could also style their trivia night, taking inspiration from game shows like Family Feud, Jeopardy, and Who wants to be a millionaire.

Host your own virtual trivia night

Hosting your own trivia night is quite literally a three-step process.

1. Gather a bunch of players (friends or family) and divide them into teams.

2. Formulate your questionnaire and scoring system

3. And finally, log on to your virtual platform and start playing!

In order for your event to be competitive, yet fun, make sure to throw in some real brain teasers that will get heads scratching.

The entertainment round is always a winner. You could use clips of movies/TV shows/music videos or simply have part of a song play and have players guess the song. However, always make sure you fact-check all your answers. You could even employ the use of multiple-choice questions or true/false questions.

Here are a few examples of fun trivia questions

  • What does NASA stand for?

  • Which female athlete recently won the Australian Open while pregnant?

  • What is the world’s biggest island?

  • What is Swedish DJ Tim Bergling also known as?

  • Which chess piece only moves diagonally?

  • What is the most common letter in the English alphabet?

  • What is the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside?

Now that you have an idea, answer these questions and get cracking on your very own trivia night!

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