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Paid Ads (PPC) - Get the required thrust!

The current generation goes by various names - Millennials, Gen Y, Gen X, so on and so forth. There’s another term that describes them to a tee. ‘Instant’ generation! They want everything in a jiffy. From instant coffee to fast food, they are always on the lookout for quick results.

Paid ads complement this urgency with perfection. It gives you instant results and promptly boosts your business. Let’s take a look at how these paid ads give the much-important thrust to your business.

a. Prime Position

Paid ads give you visibility almost instantly. Your webpages get the prime position. Your site link is always on top of a search engine page. This increases the chances of a user entering your website. It’s on their face and hard to miss. Being in the spotlight helps.

b. Faster Results

The quality of content is always key. There’s no second questioning that thought. However, SEO-based webpages take time to generate results. They create brand awareness but converting those clicks into sales is time-consuming. With paid ads, results are just a click away. They are instantaneous. According to a survey, 33% of people prefer to click on a paid search ad. The reason is simple. It gives them the direct answers they are looking for. Paid ads combined with good content will undoubtedly elevate your brand value.

c. Affordable Rates

It’s not an expensive option as many presume. These paid ads come at nominal rates. Almost 45% of small businesses have already invested in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Fixed prices mean a reduced possibility of over-spending. You get maximum reach with minimum investment. Bang of your buck! d. Better Business

Increasing web traffic is important. What is more crucial is how much of these clicks get converted into sales. Paid ads ensure you are in a win-win situation. It not only improves your online traffic but also boosts your business. Users often enter a retailer’s site through paid ads. There’s a 50% higher chance of these users buying your product when compared to those using an organic link. You can’t ask for more.

e. Customized Ads

Every business has a different requirement. Paid advertising has a tailor-made solution for all. You can choose from a wide range of options. Besides PPC, there’s pay per install, pay per view, pay per download, pay per acquisition, display ads, and video ads. Besides search engines, there’s also a variety of social media platforms to choose from. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Reddit, or LinkedIn. There’s no dearth of options. Based on your budget and objective, you can decide on what works well for your business.

Three-fourths of brands feel PPC is a game-changer. It has changed the outlook of their business and given them the much-needed push. It’s a billion-dollar business. Online paid ads have now become the face of digital marketing. There are more pros than cons. It works in tandem with the ‘instant’ generation. So why not give it a shot?

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